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real warm welcome

Hello! If you’re looking for answers and solutions for your property investment portfolio, you’ve found it. We’re a national Quantity Surveying team offering Australia’s property investors real strategies to save serious money.

Our knowledge and skill set coupled with industry leading software, allows us not only to maximise your property depreciation but also provide additional services. We can provide you with a protective service that will mitigate risk should a mishap or disaster occur, whilst preparing a budget forecast to keep your portfolio in a condition to obtain the best possible returns.

Tax Depreciation Schedules is our specialty. Saving investors’ money is what we do, it is the reason we get out of bed in the morning.
And we can start helping you now!

Look at the property
An onsite inspection establishes size, age and the standard of the building. We identify the functional items of the property (e.g. Hot Water Service, Cook Top, and Heating, etc.) and high light improvements made since construction
Value the items
We value all items identified at the inspection and apply an effective life to establish how much ca be claimed for the financial year.
Draw up your report
With the depreciable amount established, we accumulate all valued items for the 30 year depreciation schedule.
Meeting your financial requirements
We liaise with your Accountant or Financial Advisor to ensure your depreciation schedule is in line with your financial goals.
Updating your schedule
Your original report can be used for 40 years. When items initially valued at the inspection are replaced, or other items are added to the property, we update the schedule, free of charge.

real savings

Our team is committed to saving property investors money; we adhere to a tried and trusted process that ensures we exhaust every available deduction to increase your bottom line. Real Property Matters’ 5 Step Process ensures nothing is left to chance. We inspect every property in order to maximise your tax depreciation claim.

Our Quantity Surveying team will visit your property and assesses every available item; we establish the items quality, age and remaining life. All the identified items are then valued and compiled into our 40 year tax depreciation schedule. These reports are then tailored to your investment strategy, goals and financial needs. Refer to the 5 Steps above for further details. A tax depreciation schedule is an essential tax saving tool for any investment portfolio. And, we love helping you pay less tax!

real value

In a nutshell, our Quantity Surveyors maximise every owners’ property depreciation claim. So, once your Tax Depreciation Schedule is completed there’s no more to pay. Ever! We will liaise with your Accountant or Financial advisor and ensure the report is in line with your financial goals and investment strategies.

Furthermore, if something on the property changes by the way of repairs, improvements or upgrades, we’ll update your report free of charge… so, your report will always be current and A.T.O compliant. Our first fee is your last and our comprehensive report covers the property for its forty year depreciation life. We maintain an ongoing relationship to ensure that you are up to date with industry trends and changes.

real services

Real Property Matters is a Quantity Surveying company, providing specialised, professional and money saving services to property investors across Australia. We are driven to put more money back into your investment. Our friendly and dedicated team with real knowledge and experience can provide you with real strategies and real solutions to enhance your investment property returns.
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real guarantees

We are that good at our profession and confident in our service, we guarantee to put more cash in your pocket. A Real Property Matters’ Tax Depreciation Schedule will guarantee you pay less tax. If you do not save money in the first full year of your report, we will refund our fee… simple as that.

Here's how it works. The deduction amount established in your Tax Depreciation Schedule will be deducted from your taxable income. The amount of tax savings you achieve must be greater than our fee. If not, the entire service is provided to you for free.
We must achieve the tax depreciation savings by the end of the first full financial year.

why use us?

Our core business is Tax Depreciation Schedules, it’s the reason we exist. We structure our day to save you money, it is what we love to do. Our supporting services include protective and management strategies that allow you to sleep at night, knowing your investment portfolio is protected and the returns are maximised.

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about us

Founded in 2008, Property Matters has expanded from a two-man operation
to thriving network with offices and representatives across Australia.

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